Over The Counter Walkthrough: Cough Medicine Edition

There is a wide variety of different cough medicines on the market today ranging from sprays to lozenges to liquids. Sometimes the options can be overwhelming. This is especially true when ingredients are unfamiliar and your main prerogative is to ditch the cold and get back to daily life. The following information should provide some clarity on what certain ingredients do to relieve your symptoms as well as what treatments are available for your cough.

Menthol is derived from the peppermint plant. Menthol assists in the breakdown of mucus and congestion while also providing a cooling effect for the throat. It also has antibacterial properties that may help with a bacterial infection. In addition, menthol acts as a cough suppressant.

Phenol spray is an oral anesthetic and analgesic combination. Benzocaine is topical anesthetic. These products block the pathway of pain signals along nerves and this action numbs the painful or aggravated areas.

Dyclonine is often found in lozenges. This is another oral anesthetic similar to the ones mentioned above that can soothe your sore throat and cool your nasal passages.

The above ingredients are generally part of medicated throat sprays and lozenges, as well as throat and cough drops. They offer fast, on-the-spot relief that is targeted for your throat. Many throat drops, such as Sucrets® Vapor Cherry, offer several ingredients that provide relief from multiple symptoms, from coughing to congestion. These products help relieve the symptoms of an irritated and sore throat.