The Helpful Ingredients found in Cough and Throat Drops

It is important to understand the ingredients of what we consume in this day and age. Many people want to know more about what they are putting into their bodies. When it comes to sore throat relief, lots of individuals turn first to cough and throat drops but may not fully understand how these products benefit them. There are some essential ingredients found in cough and throat drops that offer soothing effects for sore and irritated throats.


Pectin is essentially a fiber found in fruits. It is often used in medicines including cough and throat drops. Pectin serves as an oral demulcent. It creates a protective barrier over inflamed or irritated tissues or mucous membranes. This film or barrier encourages relief from irritation and soothes the sore throat.


Menthol is a popular ingredient for cough and throat drops because it works as an oral anesthetic. Menthol comes from the peppermint plant and provides a soothing and cooling sensation by triggering the body’s cold receptors. Menthol is also said to have astringent and antibacterial properties that have the potential to help throat infections.  


Many cough and throat drops incorporate honey into their ingredients list. While it isn’t found as an ‘active’ ingredient, it can do more than just boast a delicious taste. Honey is an effective cough suppressant and can ease the pain of a sore throat while adding an element of flavour. Products, such as Luden’s® Honey Lemon or Luden’s® Wild Honey, combine different ingredients to offer the best available sore throat relief.