The Best Remedies for Suppressing your Cough

A sore throat is annoying on its own, but when you can’t sleep or concentrate because of constant coughing, action needs to be taken fast. There are several ways you can help to quell your cough and some remedies may already be in your home! Check out the treatments below and decide what is best and most convenient for you and your family.

Bromelain – This enzyme is a natural anti-inflammatory, as well as an effective cough suppressant.. Lucky for us, it is found in pineapple – a fruit that already contains several health benefits such as vitamin C and manganese.

Herbal Tea with Honey – Honey coats your throat and helps protect it. In addition, the warm tea is able to soothe any inflammation and irritation. Honey also has antibacterial properties that can assist if you have a bacterial infection rather than a viral one.

Prop yourself up at Night – Using a pillow to elevate your head while you sleep at night helps to stop post nasal drop, which can trigger a coughing fit and wake you up. The less coughing at night the better, as your body needs sleep to reenergize and repair.

Lozenges – Many lozenges contain menthol, which is a naturally occurring cough suppressant found in the peppermint plant. Products such as Chloraseptic® Warming Sore Throat Lozenges contain both benzocaine and honey that work together to ease your cough and sore throat pain.

Gargle Salt Water – Salt signals to the cells in your mouth to create more water. When your cells disperse water, inflammation and swelling decreases. This treatment also assists in loosening up any phlegm in your throat that may be causing further coughing fits. 

A Hot Shower – If you don’t have a humidifier, a hot shower can do just the trick to relieve your cough. Steam and humidity help loosen sinus congestion, as well as phlegm in your throat and lungs – making it easier to breathe.