5 Simple Steps for Treating your Child’s Sore Throat

As a parent, a sore throat can be a nightmare of a cold symptom. Children have difficulty handling the pain and irritation brought on by a sore throat and need relief fast. The following steps can help alleviate your child’s discomfort so that they can get back to playing and having fun. 

  1. Monitor What Foods They Eat: Make sure your child isn’t eating especially dry or crunchy foods. These foods can cause further scratching and irritation to an already painful sore throat. In addition, have them avoid spicy or sour foods. It is best to explain to your children that warm soups and soft foods that include vegetable ingredients will help best to alleviate the pain in their throats.
  2. Throat or Cough Drops and Throat Sprays: Sucking on a cough or throat drop helps to create more saliva, which can ease an irritated throat. Products such as Luden’s® Wild Cherry or Luden’s® Wild Honey will offer flavorful varieties that children will not associate with the taste of traditional cough medicines. Throat Sprays are another effective treatment and can provide quick relief for a fussy child. Chloraseptic® Sore Throat Spray in Cherry flavour is a delicious product that uses Phenol to coat the back of your child's throat. Be sure to follow the instructions on all of these products and to supervise children’s use of them.
  3. Vaporizers and Heating Compresses: Loss of sleep from coughing and pain is a big problem when it comes to children with sore throats and colds. A good option for nighttime relief is a hot steam vaporizer in your child’s room and a cushioned heating compress applied to the neck. Be sure to discuss safety precautions with your child about the steam vaporizer, and use a sock or cloth on the heating compress so your child doesn’t get burned.
  4. Rest and Fluids: Children are usually unaware of the importance of remaining hydrated while sick. Make sure your child is getting enough fluids by having them drink water or light juices. In addition, your child may resist resting when their friends are outside playing but explain to them that the more they rest the sooner they will be feeling better.
  5. Doctor Visits: Sometimes a doctor visit is necessary, especially when symptoms are severe and long lasting. A doctor will be able to tell you if your child has a viral infection that will dissipate on its own or a bacterial infection that will need prescription medication, usually antibiotics.